Infrastructure Woes

Bringing out-of-scale development such as this project, as currently proposed, will only tax our already strained infrastructure, including sewer, water, and parks.

  • Even without significant growth, our sewer and water system will require major investments to maintain and upgrade existing infrastructure, and substantial additional funds would be required to support enhanced sewer capacity and water supply. As we face the increasing likelihood of droughts, we must be careful not to build ourselves into a real water-supply problem.
  • Further, local governmental services are already overtaxed, and the city faces a financial crisis due to Covid-19 — current City revenues cannot support services for our existing residents.
  • We don’t have adequate parks, even for current residents. While the rooftop bar may count as “community open space” in someone’s reckoning, that’s hardly the kind of family-friendly space that would enhance the neighborhood by providing recreational opportunities.