Rooftop HVAC

Many developers of this kind of project design the buildings so that HVAC and other utility equipment are unfortunately located near, at, or above the roofline. This project doesn’t appear to be an exception to this visual and noise impact, with substantial mechanical equipment shown on the roof (along with the elevator to the bar):

  • In short, even if this project were to be revised to be a reasonable height, we believe this equipment should be invisible to its neighbors (and others who will see this building).
  • At the proposed height, the visibility and noise impact of such equipment would make this project even more untenable than it already is.
  • In addition to HVAC, the rooftop — as currently designed — would also include elevator and staircase access, which is just another argument against creating this “6th floor” and another argument for a project redesign that considers the impacts this project will have on residents who live and work in this area of our city.