How You Can Help

There are three things we would LOVE for you to do as soon as possible with respect to this project:

  1. Submit a comment or comments to the City of Santa Cruz site for this proposed development. This is very important to do, as your comment(s) become part of the official project record.
    • Just go to this site and scroll down to stay apprised of public meetings, to add your name and email address to the updates section, and to submit a comment or question. You can submit as many comments as you deem helpful. (In case it’s helpful, please see our group’s affirmative vision for this site, which includes great support for a housing project on this site that doesn’t overwhelm an entire area of the city.)
  2. Sign our online petition expressing our concerns about this proposal.
    • Just go to this page on our site and add your name and info to our e-petition. Our petition publicly displays only a limited amount of your information in order to protect your privacy.
  3. Subscribe to this site so that you automatically get an email when we post something on our News & Updates site.
    • Just go to this page on our site to subscribe. Enter your email address, click on the Subscribe link. To complete the process, you should go to your Inbox (or Junk box) and find the verification email and click on the link there too. That’s it.