Casting a Shadow

Shade will envelop neighboring homes for as many as seven months each year when the sun is lower in the southern sky.

The project height, 6 stories with the top-floor bar level included, will literally place many existing homes on Belvedere Terrace in a project shadow for many months of each year.

  • This is not an exaggeration, as many homes on Belvedere Terrace will literally be robbed of direct sunlight for more than half the year. By our estimations, the towers — at their proposed height — would cast a shadow (see graphic) over a number of adjoining properties … for as many as 7 of the months each year when the sun is lower in the southern sky. This is a time when sunlight makes the difference between health and illness, when mold accumulates, and gardens can’t grow.
  • This shading will have a disastrous impact on existing solar-panel installations, and is inconsistent with the spirit of the California Solar Mandate (which requires rooftop solar PV systems on all new homes built after January 1, 2020).
  • Imagine, too, the loss of privacy for homes to the north of this massive structure, with the equivalent of 6 stories of windows and a rooftop bar looming over the backyards of adjacent neighbors.
  • This would be a completely unacceptable consequence of this proposed development.