Noise Nuisance

The noise impact from a project of this size, especially with a rooftop bar overlooking entire neighborhoods, would be completely unacceptable.

  • This project, already 5 stories high with housing and retail space, dares add another floor for a rooftop bar — effectively making the project 6 stories tall!
  • Who would benefit from that addition? Certainly not the nearby residents, who would be subject to ALL of the problems related to this proposed development, including the noise attendant with that rooftop bar (shown in the project documents to include drinking games, such as “cornhole”)!
  • The project is very close to the neighboring houses. The only separation between those homes and this project’s buildings would be a narrow lane for delivery, waste management, and fire trucks. Because the lane is so narrow, these trucks would all need to back up onto North Branciforte, all honking their horns. Imagine how that will sound.
  • Add daily delivery truck and garbage truck traffic at the rear of the proposed project (immediately adjacent to the Belvedere Terrace neighborhood) — with the attendant dumpster dumping and back-up beeping and you have ongoing nuisance noise issues for years to come.